Conversations With God


Many times the Lord speaks through family, friends, pastors, or even authors we will never meet. Just as the Word of the Lord came to David through Nathan, to Esther through her uncle Mordecai, and to Timothy through Paul, we can be deeply impacted by the encouragement and example of others. 

I could share pages of truths gained sitting at the feet of mentors; indeed, my journals are packed with this type of wisdom, but I will confine myself to one. 

A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting several times with a mentor whose insights have proven so practical. When I asked her about my tendency to step into leadership, and then wish I could pull back, she explained that what begins in confident faith can fizzle into self-doubt. The spirit leaps and soars while the cringing soul sputters, “What were you thinking? Why did you take such a risk? For heaven’s sake, go back!” 

To illustrate, she pulled a chair into the center of the room and stepped up onto the seat to represent accepting a new leadership opportunity. She encouraged that when the Lord invites me to “step up,” I should gird enough courage to stand in faith and take in the view from the new position. Then, if the Lord so leads, command my soul to step up beside my faith-filled spirit instead of allowing my soul to demand a hasty retreat. 

I still act on this advice. On occasions I have literally gone alone to the physical room that represented a leadership challenge, placed a chair in the middle of the floor and stepped up onto its seat. From that vantage, I took in the room and meditated on the place of authority to which the Lord had called me. Still perched atop, I prayed for others and myself. Then aloud, I commanded my soul to stand in the new position and be at peace. I said yes to the Lord and no to my doubts. That advice has become concrete wisdom for my life, the Lord’s voice through a trusted mentor.