Conversations With God


The Lord shepherds us with His voice and we respond to Him with ours. Isn’t it logical that the One who calls Himself the Word is always communicating? And that He, who created us to commune with Him, sacrificed Himself so that we could return to Him, and knows what we will say before we say it, likes to hear our voice talking to Him? 

Thankfully, this most meaningful of all conversations is never based on our goodness, achievements, or the quality of our questions. The privilege of hearing and being heard is based on the sacrifice of Jesus alone. 

The conversation begins when the Lord reaches for us. God is Love and His love must reach for relationship. Our responsibility is to recognize His voice and respond to Him. Then He faithfully replies. In the interlude we enjoy His presence, obey, and trust. I think this running conversation is what Paul encouraged when he said to “pray continually.” We are either listening to the Lord or expressing something to Him and waiting in anticipation for His response. This is the duty and joy of our lives. Eventually, we find that we can’t live without the Lord of the conversation. We simply must pray.

Prayer is indispensably edifying and strengthening. Our conversation with God introduces wisdom and bequeaths peace. When we do not know how to proceed, prayer is the next reasonable step. It is a relief. It is easy. It is rest. 

Talking and listening to God is the natural response to our need to have communion with Him—right now. Like Tevya’s candid conversations with God in Fiddler on the Roof, we talk and listen all along our ordinary day. The Lord is ever calling and waiting for our focus to shift. I have often wondered why it takes us so long to lean into the relationship. When we turn, there we are in the midst of Him—The Answer.