Conversations With God


Scripture records many instances of the Lord’s perspective and instruction through dreams. Consider Jacob, Joseph (son of Jacob), and Joseph (Jesus’ earthly father). And these are only a few.

Reverence for biblical precedent has given me the courage to ask God to speak to me though dreams. It doesn’t happen often, but the Lord has definitely spoken to me in this impactful way. 

One early morning I had a dream that I still treasure. In the dream I saw a dreary parking garage. As I watched, a friend trudged toward a parked car, opened the back door, and lifted her fussy toddler into her car seat. The little girl was angry and kicking. Patiently, gently, firmly, my friend buckled the straps amidst much resistance. Finished at last, she fell into the driver’s seat exhausted and defeated. 

As I watched the scene, I was especially struck by her kind persistence, which I admired, and equally, her distraught frustration, which caused my empathy. As an older mom, I knew the truth—this was only a brief season of parenting. The rewards of her investment would bear fruit in the life of her daughter, but she must not give up.

I cared deeply that she was unable to know what I could plainly see, so in the dream I began calling to my friend, “Don’t give up! Hold steady!” 

As I watched, the friend began fumbling with her cell phone as though she had heard something indistinctly but wasn’t sure of the source. She never did know who was speaking or what had been communicated. She drove away without wisdom’s perspective. 

On awakening, I wrote the dream’s narrative and its impressions. And throughout the morning I continued to prayerfully reflect on a possible meaning. 

A few hours later, the Lord shared the interpretation—I was shocked. My friend represented me in the dream, and His was the shouted voice of encouragement. The dream came to me at a time when I was struggling in my parenting. He wanted me to know that He cared deeply, and that my family would certainly pass to other seasons of life. The insight gained is a lesson I have never forgotten because in a way, I lived it through the dream.