Kingdom Rules (Part 1)—Disciple Makers Series #4

Day 6 of 6 • This day’s reading


Keeping Anger out of our Hearts 

Lots here.

First, murder is an issue of the heart—it starts with anger.  God sees anger at others as more than the seeds of murder—it is murder.  Watch out for anger in your heart.

Second, coming to God for blessing or forgiveness when you have caused offense to others.  God says—“forget it, I will not receive you.”  God is serious about this.  When we cause others to be offended by us (not where they are offended at God because of His requirements), we need to deal with it quickly. 

Third, dealing with people who attack you.  We will always face these situations—and we are never 100% right.  So practice reconciliation based on truth and mercy—rather than confrontation.  It is a much better way.

Time to Pray

Father, we all face situations where people do things to us that are not right.  It is easy to get angry and speak harsh words and think harsh thoughts.  Father, I want to change and not be like that.  I know that these situations will happen—I want to be a forgiving person in every one of them.  I want to forgive them when they do/say evil about me.  I want to deal quickly with my own faults and failures.  I want to have a heart for reconciliation based on truth and mercy.  I know that reconciliation will not be possible with everyone.  Still that is what I want from me.  I ask this in Jesus’ name Amen.


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