Kingdom Rules (Part 1)—Disciple Makers Series #4

Day 4 of 6 • This day’s reading


Preparing to do the Impossible! 

Ever been asked to do something impossible?  Well for us, following God’s law perfectly is impossible!

God never expected us to do it.  Instead, God wants us to put our faith in Jesus—who did follow the Law of God perfectly.  He met every requirement of the law—perfectly.

We are going to look at a series of things in the law for the next week or so.  Each law will show us where we have failed to be obedient, how it is much harder to follow than we thought (because it is not just external obedience, but obedience of the heart), and what we must do to be obedient.  Yes, the challenge is to be like Jesus—and be obedient to God’s Law.  It is a wonderful journey though.  Living like Jesus is the greatest challenge we could ever face and worth every bit of the effort it will take.  Imagine doing something impossible!!

Time to Pray

Father, too often I look at the impossible task of obedience to Your law.  Today, I want to see it as the opportunity to learn how to do the impossible.  Following Jesus with all my heart, learning His heart, following His pattern of love—love of God, love of neighbour, love of purity—and succeeding at something that was impossible for me in my own strength.  God, I want to do that.  I want to be able to live life in this way.  It would be hopeless without Jesus and without His help, but with Him, I have a shot at doing it.  This is my prayer today.  I ask this in Jesus’ name Amen.