Kingdom Rules (Part 1)—Disciple Makers Series #4

Day 5 of 6 • This day’s reading


Do I Treat God’s Commands as Suggestions? 

This is a powerful few verses.  

If you decide some of God’s rules are not that important—and teach others to think the same way—then God will put you at the bottom in His kingdom.  

Here are a few rules that some people consider unimportant.

—Giving: saying tithing is not important (that is taking 10% and giving it to God).

—Not forgiving: not forgiving people who deeply hurt them (saying it is too hard).

—Taking care of the poor: saying there are too many to help.

—Divorce: God hates it, we accept it.

—keeping a Sabbath rest: just too busy, too much work to take a day of rest.

Second, Jesus is saying that people who do their best to obey God’s laws—they will never make into God’s Kingdom.  The only way we get in is by faith.  Putting our trust in Jesus as the only One who fulfilled the law.  

Time to Pray

Father, open my eyes to see where I am coming up short here.  Where do I treat Your commands as a suggestion instead of a command?  Where do I teach this to people?  God, I see it at times in great people—so I know that I will have areas in my life that I fail too.  I want to follow You with integrity.  I pray for each person reading this.  Each of them will also have places in their lives where they treat Your commands as a suggestion too.  Forgive them I pray.  Give all of us humble hearts to acknowledge this, a clear mind to listen to Your Spirit speak, and a strong will to choose obedience.  I ask this in Jesus’ name Amen.