12 Days Of Christmas - Playlist

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Nick Hall – Joy To The World


Hands down, my favorite Christmas song is “Joy to the World.” I remember gathering around the piano with, all my aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa, mom and dad singing “joy to the world the Lord has come!”

When you reflect on the lyrics of this song it brings to life the verses of Luke 2. We have a King who has come on a rescue mission to bring about a supernatural reset in the hearts of all people. The same way you would reset your phone so it works the way it was intended, Jesus offers a reset of our lives. Just as the lyrics of the song say every heart should “prepare Him room.” There is great news that our Savior is born. The angels are making sure that every person knows of this great news so that they might rejoice and come to Him with open hearts.

He has come with grace and truth to remove our sin and our sorrow, for eternity. There is no standard He sets other than to make room in your heart. Invite Him in and watch “His blessings flow” from heaven above, erasing the “curse” of sin, from you, forever. There is no greater joy than knowing Jesus personally.

This Christmas season take the joy to the world. If God has rescued you through Jesus, pray about who to share your hope in Jesus with. Share that He is offering a reset in their life, all they need to do is open their heart and receive Jesus.

If you have not received Jesus and are reading this, prepare room in your heart by asking for forgiveness. Jesus will give it to you through His grace. He will reset your life so that you might have a new start that lasts for eternity. Joy to the world - Jesus our Lord has come for all people.

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