12 Days Of Christmas - Playlist



Phillips, Craig & Dean – O Come All Ye Faithful


While the world was busy bustling back and forward on the merry go round of life, God stepped into the warm pool of humanity. Barely a ripple notice, but in that instant - in the fullness of time, God became a man. Very few noticed and the ones who did were so unlikely to behold Him. Day laborers tending sheep, a simple couple who had no remarkable plans and astronomers from the East. None of the subgroups had much in common except faithfulness.

Ps 18:25 says, "The Lord is faithful to those who are faithful." Faithfulness is that you keep showing up even when circumstances don't seem to change. Or perhaps faithfulness is showing up when only bad things seem to happen. Perhaps the believer says, "God is at work today in my life."

Recently my dad - my rock and hero- was diagnosed with lymphoma. The chemo treatment they put him on was aggressive and severe. The side affects are devastating. I remember walking linoleum halls with fluorescent lights looking at overstuffed leather chairs with IV poles holding liquid hope for so many. In visiting with my dad one day I said, "Dad, you ever ask God why?" He said, "Perhaps the question should not be why, but what next."

What next? In other words, I'm going to keep showing up knowing that God is going to keep showing up.

What about you? What about the dead end marriage you're in? What about children who can't seem to finally make solid choices? What about finances that can't seem to turn around?

What does God want me to do? Keep showing up in spite of the circumstances. One day soon you will hear angels. One day soon the Son will shine. Stay faithful.

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