12 Days Of Christmas - Playlist


James Fortune – Grace Gift

A Grace Gift from a Great God.

Doesn’t that just say it all? Our heavenly Father sent His Son on this earth to save underserving and sinful people from ourselves.

This is the time of year when we celebrate our Saviors birth, celebrate the day that our Grace Gift was given to us, and that is the true meaning of Christmas!

It reminds me of when Paul was speaking to the church of Ephesus and, in chapter 2 he says, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves – it is a gift from God.” Further to that, in the next verse, Paul says, “not by works so that no one can boast.” There is no question that this is the ultimate expression of unconditional love, an expression of grace in its highest form, and for that, we are so thankful to our God.

So this Christmas, while we are surrounded by all the hustle and bustle of the season, take some time to remember the Grace Gift that our Great God sent us more than 2000 years ago and offer praise and worship to Him today.

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