Blended Family: Becoming Stepfamily Smart

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Children Are Definitely Part of the Package

Couples who marry and form a blended family are often surprised to discover that stepfamily living is far more complex than they anticipated. They soon learn that their expectations for how quickly the family will harmonize were unrealistic.

  • Love doesn't happen instantly.
  • Being previously married doesn't necessarily equip you to be married to someone new.
  • Experience as a parent doesn't adequately prepare you to be a stepparent.
  • Children are sometimes slow to embrace a stepparent's authority and the new family as a whole.
  • And falling in love as a couple doesn't mean children want to be a family.

Yes, children are most definitely part of the package.

Becoming stepfamily smart is how you prevent the unforeseen aspects of blended family living from sabotaging your home. This involves learning all you can about stepfamily dynamics and connecting with others in your church for mutual support. The trick is to work smarter, not harder, and walk with God each step of the way.

Your home can be a place of warmth, love, and grace. This series will help get you there.


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