Walk With Jesus: 21 Days Through Matthew


After being brought to trial by Jewish leaders, Jesus was sentenced to die on a cross. The Jewish leaders did not have the authority to put someone to death, so they appealed to the Roman leader Pontius Pilate. Pilate said that Jesus was not guilty, but the Jewish leaders cried out "crucify him!" Jesus suffered a horrible beating, the mocking of the people, and ultimately was separated from God while he died. As Jesus died, he cried "My god, my god, why have you forsaken me?" The whole earth was dark, and when Jesus died the temple curtain ripped in two. Not only did Jesus experience a physical death, but he experienced GodÍs punishment for the sin of all people when he died. Jesus defeated sin when he died on the cross. He was then buried in a tomb, which was sealed tightly shut. LetÍs pray, thanking God for sending His son to die in our place and for removing the stain of sin from every one of us.

To download a coloring page of Jesus on the cross, click here.