Walk With Jesus: 21 Days Through Matthew



Jesus had come into Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, a traditional feast for the Jewish people that reminded them of God saving them from death in Egypt. During the original Passover, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt and Moses was trying to convince Pharaoh to let them go. Pharaoh refused, so God sent plagues on the Egyptian people. The final plague killed all of the firstborn sons of the Egyptians. God told the Israelites to sacrifice a lamb and put its blood on their doors, and He would pass over them and save their sons from death. When he celebrated Passover with His disciples, he knew that he was going to be captured and killed. During the meal, Jesus took bread and told his disciples that it represented his body, which would be given for them. He took a cup and told his disciples that it represented his blood, which would be poured out for them. Today we practice communion the same way to remember what Christ did for us. Let's pray, asking God to be present with us each time we take communion. Let's thank Him for the gift of Jesus' body and blood.

To download a Last Supper coloring page, click here.