Walk With Jesus: 21 Days Through Matthew


Genealogy is a big word with a simple meaning. Basically, a genealogy is a family tree, or a list of all the people in your family. Jesus's genealogy goes all the way back to Abraham. King David is in the middle too! Do you know why this is important? Matthew was showing that God kept His promises to Abraham and David. God had told Abraham that through him all the families of the world would be blessed. Jesus certainly fulfills that promise! Then God promised David that through his family, a king would be born who would rule over God's people forever. Jesus fulfills that promise too! Jesus was the King the people had been waiting for. He would save the people from their sin. We can trust God because He has shown us throughout the Bible that He always keeps His promises, and that He loves us very much. Let's pray thanking Him for that!

To download a coloring page of Jesus, Abraham and David, click here.