Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




Use me, Lord, in an incredible way. I want to be useful in the kingdom of God here on earth.


Acts 22.1-30

Paul’s boldness during his arrest on the temple steps, leads him to ask the official in charge if he can talk to the crazy crowd that has watched the spectacle of his arrest. With permission, Paul turns to the crowd and begins speaking to them in Aramaic. He immediately begins sharing the Damascus road story of how God changed his life from being a killer of Christians to one who was now sharing God’s message. Paul also talks about a vision he had in which God was sending him to the Gentiles. Hearing the word “Gentiles,” the crowd went nuts! The Roman soldiers grabbed Paul and were about to beat him big time. But Paul brings the process to a sudden halt when he declares that he is a Roman citizen [it was illegal to beat a Roman citizen before trial]. This made the people back away.


Paul is amazing! He shares his story about Jesus with great clarity and deep conviction. How strong are your convictions? What would it take to make you share your story? Are you afraid of losing friends if you do?


Paul always seemed ready to share the love of Jesus with the Gentiles and whoever came across his path. Who are the minorities in your community? Try sharing God’s love with them first.

Lord, I have to admit that I love to be liked. I am afraid that if I share my faith in Jesus, some of my closest friends at school will reject me and turn from me. Help me to believe in you like Paul did, and help me to have his courage.