Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




There are many storms in my life, Lord. At times I feel like I am about to be shipwrecked, but then I remember how you saved Paul, and that gives me hope.


Acts 27.1-44

Paul, along with other prisoners and soldiers, heads for Rome. Early on in this journey, Paul, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, declares, “Men, listen to me! If we sail now, our ship and its cargo will be badly damaged, and many lives will be lost” (v 10). But the men ignore Paul. A huge storm comes along and all the cargo has to be tossed off the ship. The storm lasts for several days and this time Paul tells them that everyone will arrive safely, but the ship will be lost. And that is exactly what happened. The ship ran aground on a sand bar and was destroyed. The soldiers, fearing that the prisoners would escape, wanted to kill all the prisoners. But the Roman captain in charge, wanting to save Paul’s life, ordered everyone off the ship. So, Paul and 275 others on board the ship jumped off and began to swim toward land. “Everyone safely reached shore” (v 44), fulfilling Paul’s words.


Think of the messages Paul gets under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. How did such messages impact the outcome of Paul’s journey? Has God ever given you directions about decisions he wants you to make? If so, were you obedient?


When things become difficult, remind yourself that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength (Philippians 4.13). Then, ask God to give you the strength to persevere.

My problems seem so small in comparison to those the apostle Paul had to endure. Help me, Lord, to always put things in perspective.