Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




Lord, I confess that I really need your help to be patient and wait on you. I just gotta say that this is the hardest thing for me to do.


Acts 25.1-27

A new governor comes on the scene, but the insanity still continues. It’s been two years since the revolt in the temple in chapters 21 and 22. The religious leaders are still after Paul and an argument and craziness breaks out in Festus’ courtroom. It drags on and on and Paul once more declares his innocence and basically says the religious guys are ridiculous! He argues that he wants his case to go before the main man, the Emperor. However, Paul is in for a surprise when a king ruling over Palestine at that time, a guy by the name of Agrippa, visits the governor, Festus. God begins to set the stage for Paul to share the message of Christ with this pagan king.

The more the religious people accuse Paul, the more God allows Paul to share the truth with important people. How does this happen? It may sound like just a history lesson, but this is a story of how God moves in the lives of his people, for his glory.


How ready are you to represent Jesus? What if you were asked to go to the mayor’s office or the White House and preach to the president? Or to catch a ride to Albany to share Christ with the governor or other lawmakers? Could you do it? Would you do it?


When the apostle Paul was training a young preacher named Timothy, Paul told him not to shy away from the truth of the gospel no matter who he was preaching to, and no matter where he had the opportunity (2 Timothy 4.2). As a young person, it is important for you to follow Paul’s advice.

God, I am so glad you are in control of my life. Lead me and guide me every day.