Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




Lord, I know that rough times may come. Like Peter, I may be persecuted for believing in you. If that time comes, God, would you help this teenager to continue to serve you?


Acts 12.1-25

In this chapter, King Herod goes on a rampage and begins to lock up the Lord’s followers and kill those he didn’t put in prison. The apostle James loses his head, literally, and Peter is thrown in jail. When the people of God heard about Brother Peter being locked up, they began to pray around the clock. God heard their prayers, and answered with miracles. God sent an angel to release Peter from prison. Every chain fell off Bro. Peter, and every door opened automatically! Even the iron gate to the city! Awesome!

Peter then went to the house where his people were praying for him and even they couldn’t believe that Peter was free. God is truly a prayer-answering God. Later, God punished King Herod for thinking in his heart that he was God. While he was sitting on his throne an angel struck him down for taking the honor that belonged to God. Afterward, worms ate him alive and he died. Herod died but “God’s message kept spreading” (v 24). No one can stop the message of the gospel of Christ!


When you pray, do you really believe that God will answer your prayer?


When hard times come, continue serving God just like you always do. When you pray, believe that God will not only hear but answer your prayers.

Lord, sometimes I just don’t pray like I really believe that you hear me. Would you increase my faith today? Would you help me to know that whatever I ask of God in Jesus’ name, he will do it? Lord, I really want to have that type of faith.