Restart: Compassion and Justice


Ben Parker, a character in the popular Spider-Man comic book and movie series, is known for this admonition to his nephew, Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Long before Spider-Man was written, Solomon took this truth to heart as he penned this psalm. In a world where so many leaders show favoritism toward the wealthy and powerful, the king is to be honest and fair—particularly to the poor and homeless. He is to punish their oppressors. His leadership is to be like falling rain that makes the grass grow.

Leadership in government and business today is often equated with the creation of wealth, and growing the economy. This psalm calls for the creation of justice. Treating others with fairness and dignity is the “rain” that helps them to grow and be fruitful.

Why is justice a component of power? What is your definition of power? How has your upbringing shaped this definition? How is the psalmist’s portrayal of power different from society’s view of power?

How can you use your influence for good in your community? How will you, as the psalmist suggests, “be fair with everyone” (Psalm 72.7)? Spend a few minutes right now to pray for your leaders. Consider how you can support them in just causes. Pray: God, you alone are all powerful. Grant the leaders in my community the wisdom to govern fairly.