Restart: Compassion and Justice

Restart: Compassion and Justice

DAY 1 OF 40


To mistreat people is to forget this crucial fact: they are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26). This affects not only who we are, but how we behave.

These words in Genesis help us understand that each of us—every man, woman and child—bears God’s stamp. As we understand and live this out, our lives reflect the One who created us. Instead of oppressing others, we empower them; instead of building fences, we get involved in the lives of others and work toward their good. We stand up for justice, speak out for the powerless, and love the unloved. Why? Because we’re taking after our Father in heaven.

What do you think it means to be “made in God’s image”? How do your actions show your belief? How has this truth affected the way you treat others?

How can you remind someone this week that he or she is made in God’s image? Consider a difficult relationship in your life. How does the knowledge that you are made in God’s image change your view of this relationship? What can you do to affirm that person as God’s special creation? Pray: Lord, you are the supreme ruler and yet you trust us to rule. Lord, may I treat others in the knowledge that they are precious in your sight.

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Restart: Compassion and Justice

Discover the heart of God for the reaches of poverty and injustice— the evidence of which is on almost every page of the Bible. Through this 40-day journey, let God's Word change the way you see and respond to a world lo...

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