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Day by Day With God

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To cross out is to attribute a certain fault to a person or thing. Since I was a child, I have had asthma, allergies, and other illnesses. I have always been crossed out because of my health conditions. In 2020, being crossed out took on great significance in my life: with the arrival of COVID-19 in the country, I was crossed out as one of the most vulnerable people because of my condition. Along with all the extreme prevention measures, fear also came to my family.

The thought that the worst could happen, that is, death, had us terrified, and I was extremely worried and anxious. The inevitable came and I tested positive for COVID-19. In the midst of this situation for a brief moment my sky darkened, the thought that if my symptoms worsened, I would need to be hospitalized and subsequently go into intensive care made me more anxious. I was crossed out by illness and fear. Or better said: terror. But let me tell you that to cross out also means to eliminate and discard, God in his infinite grace and love gave a new meaning to the word "cross out" in my life.

I did not go into intensive care because God crossed out the sickness and illuminated my sky, fear left me and now its place is taken by the trust I have in God. After I tested negative (another testimony that I will tell another time), my lungs were completely healthy. I would like you to know that if God crossed out the fear I felt at that moment in my life, He can also cross out anything or any problem that causes you anguish. God crossed out the blemish of my health condition (that which marked me throughout my life), He can also cross out that which has marked you at any time or stage of your life.

God makes all things new.

Trust in Him and He will do.


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Day by Day With God

As human beings, we have needs that we must meet every day such as eating, exercising, working, etc.; they are important things, but, in our relationship with God, how does it work? Thaira Corporan tells her experience o...


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