Rebuilding The Altar

Rebuilding The Altar

DAY 5 OF 5

Time to Rebuild the Altar!

Will history declare, “This was the church’s finest hour”? Or will the world only remember what the media and the anti-church culture has said of us—that the church was filled with bloated, egotistical, money-hungry, self-righteous people who professed a faith they failed to demonstrate?

Your voice matters now more than ever. Will you speak up? Let history declare that we were those who chose holiness over heathenism and purpose over procrastination. May we always be known as those who walked in love, truth, power, and freedom.

The church must once again be the moral compass of our nation. Let us make it our mission to keep one hand on the cross and the other snatching the lost from the fire so the church will never slide into oblivion! We must keep pursuing the lost.

God has created you for such a time as this, and it is time for us all to go public. We represent the altar to lost humanity. We are ambassadors of Christ. If we are faithful to seek God at the altar, together we will see a harvest like never before. So get out your hammer and nails. It’s time to rebuild the altar!


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Rebuilding The Altar

Through these daily powerful readings, return to the altar and experience a fresh encounter with God. Learn the true meaning of the altar, and bring hope to the hurting and those seeking a revival in the church. This dev...

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