Rebuilding The Altar

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Calling the Altared!

We are known for giving altar calls.

We have seen thousands touched and transformed at the altar. We have seen tens of thousands saved, miracle after miracle take place, and thousands running to the altar to encounter the Savior, which is the greatest sight on earth. We have seen some glorious outpourings of God in our meetings.

Yet many have abandoned that place of surrender and obedience. The altars of our churches have become the steps by which man ascends the platform rather than the place to learn to walk in God’s steps! Sadly we now live in a day when God would be treated as a stranger if He were to show up in many of our churches.

If we are to experience the transformative power of God, we must return to the altar. When Jesus stretched out His arms on the cross, He was telling mankind, “Now you can have access to meet with God!” Jesus’s entire ministry on earth was established so that we could have direct access to heaven. The altar is so much more than a wooden or marble piece of furniture that we visit to dedicate a child, get married, or hold a funeral. Because of Jesus the altar is a lifestyle of devotion and renewal in God’s presence.