Rebuilding The Altar

Rebuilding The Altar

DAY 2 OF 5

The Altar in Your Heart

There are times in our marriage when we just know we have to get away with each other. It is in these moments, when we slow down, that we realize afresh how much we truly love each other. In these times of refreshing, romance is restored to our relationship and we gain a fresh vision and passion for what lies ahead.

In the same way the most incredible experiences we have had with the Lord always seem to happen when we have chosen to “come away” with Him!

To take a sabbatical with God means you will have to stop being seduced by the voice of man, the excitement of the crowds, and the accomplishments of self and allow your heart to respond to the One who is love.

Pastor Jack Hayford wrote in an article called “A Time of Altars” that altars “represent the occasion and place where we have had a personal encounter with God. We may not always be able to make a physical altar, but there can be one established in our hearts.”

When we “come away” with Jesus, we are saying we desire to see Jesus more than we desire people, platforms, or plaudits. This kind of transformation requires that we die to ourselves. Is having an altar encounter with the Savior worth the sacrifice to you?

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Rebuilding The Altar

Through these daily powerful readings, return to the altar and experience a fresh encounter with God. Learn the true meaning of the altar, and bring hope to the hurting and those seeking a revival in the church. This dev...

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