Be A Superhero Without Leaving Home

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Be a Superhero!

Superheroes are dedicated to protecting the public and fighting crime. Whether you wear the DC badge or prefer Marvel, you love to see your favorite masked crime-fighter display his or her superhuman powers.

The word superhero debuted around 1917, but folklore takes the concept of superheroes back to the 1850s. The concept has evolved through eras of plays, newspapers, magazines, comic books, radio, movies, games and other media.

In the real world, we can’t shoot spider webs out of our wrists or turn into a green muscular humanoid. But, we can impact the world in a real way!

Did you know you can be a superhero without leaving home? When it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission, you can make a lasting difference in the lives of those around you. God has provided you with the skills and virtues you need to reach others.

Have you ever imagined what it would have felt like to be with the disciples as they watched Jesus ascend to heaven? Just before He rose to the sky, Jesus gave His faithful followers some distinct instructions. Those instructions are just as important for us today: “Go and make disciples of all nations…”

It is interesting to note that the only specific command in the Great Commission that we read today is “make disciples.” We are called to help others know Christ in a personal way and follow Him completely. Discipleship is coming alongside another and training him or her to follow Christ. That’s how Jesus trained His disciples. They sat at Jesus’ feet and learned from Him. They watched him interact with people and observed how He made decisions. The disciples’ goal was to be more like Jesus. It was an intentional relationship.

You can make an eternal difference in the lives of those around you. Whether it is your child, coworker, or friend, seek to make disciples for Jesus. Remember, disciples aren’t always created over a textbook. Quite often, they are made over a cup of tea or during a day at the lake. Open the Bible together and learn what it means to be a fully-devoted follower of Jesus.

You can develop disciples of Jesus around the world too—without leaving home! Sponsoring a child through Compassion gives you the privilege of pouring love and hope into kids who are living in poverty. It is life-changing discipleship!

Suggested Prayer: Father, thank You for saving me. Give me a passion to share Your love with those around me. Use me to create disciples of You in my family, my community and around the world. Use me, God.