Man: God's Image Bearer

Day 2 of 6 • This day’s reading




God has always had more in mind for you than the basic existence for which some people settle. A selfish, futile, and fruitless existence. God created you in His image, not only to look like Him, but also to act like Him so He might be glorified, or lifted up for the admiration of others, in your life.

From the beginning, God involved mankind in His work here on earth, giving him a position of power over every other created thing, not for man’s enjoyment and benefit—although these things certainly come with the position mankind holds—but for God’s ultimate glory or recognition.

Every time you bring order to chaos, shine light into darkness, or speak life into a situation, you look a little bit like the Creator. This causes others to consider and/or remember, consciously or unconsciously, His existence and divine attributes.


  • Knowing that such an honor and privilege is yours by God’s design, why aim to look or act like anyone else?
  • Who are your role models? Name three. Which of their attributes do you strive to imitate most
  • Which, most often, describes your life: Order or chaos? Light or darkness?
  • Do your words, most often nurture and encourage or wound and discourage?
  • Do the role models that you have chosen encourage or discourage you in your role as God’s image bearer?


Read Genesis 1:27-30, Genesis 2:4-25, and Acts 17:24-28.