Man: God's Image Bearer

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Image Bearer

Have you ever been told that you look or act like someone else? One of your parents, maybe? If so, how did you respond? What thoughts and emotions did the comment stir in you? The answer most likely depends on whom you were compared to. If it was someone you respected and admired, you probably felt proud and encouraged. If it was someone you thought little of, you were probably confused and discouraged.

The Bible says you look like God, that you bear His image. Considering Who He is and What He’s done, you have every reason to be encouraged!

God, the Great I Am, is the Creator of heaven and earth. Perfect in every way, He brought order to chaos, shone light into darkness, and breathed life into what was once dead.

God is infinite, eternal, unchanging, omnipresent, sovereign, and omnipotent. He is just, loving, truthful, and holy. Who wouldn’t want to be told that they remind someone a God like that?


  • How does it make you feel to know that you are God’s image bearer?
  • What kind of responsibility comes with a title like that?
  • Do you feel like you are fulfilling that responsibility?


Read Genesis 1 and Isaiah 40:28.