Identity - Who Are You?

Identity - Who Are You?

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The Scandal Of Identity Theft

Lies, disobedience, disgrace, disappointment, hurt, shame, separation, tears, curses, death, and darkness all make up a scandal. This scandal happened in the place of perfection, beauty, bliss, provision, peace, and rest. One would think that in such paradise, the enemy of our souls could never reach us there. Wrong! He found a way because as bearers of God's image and likeness, we have the ability to make choices.

The one thing the enemy of our soul is good at is lying. He infiltrated his way into paradise to destroy it. Mind you, the enemy never grandly entrances with the red cape, red underwear, two horns and a pitchfork to tempt us. Instead, he presents himself in a form of being accepted. He whispers thoughts into our minds and causes us to doubt God's word.

In the Garden of Eden, God gave freely of every tree for food except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The consequence for eating from this tree was death (Genesis 2:15 – 17 NIV). God told them specifically the result of eating from the tree. Death, I believe, is enough reason to avoid the tree. I find it fascinating that we know the consequences to sin but indulge in it when we entertain the lies of the enemy. Let us review this step by step:

1 – God made His children in His image and likeness breathing His very breath into them.

2 – God identified them as made in His image and likeness.

3 – God then told them who they were, and then He instructed them how they were to function for daily life and also asked them to stay away from one tree that could threaten their lives.

4 – The enemy of their souls found a way into paradise and starts a conversation about identity with the woman close to that tree.

The Bible tells us the enemy goes about like a roaring lion looking for an opportunity to pounce. I am sure Adam and Eve spent time at the other trees in the garden, but somehow the enemy showed up at the right time just when they were there. He was studying their every move and waited for the opportune time to make his sales pitch. Then he presented his lies that caused Eve to doubt God's word and stole her identity. He offered her the privilege of becoming like God if she would eat of the forbidden tree. He was offering her an identity she already had. She was already made in God's image and likeness yet, he told her she would be like God and she would not die if she ate. Eve believed his lies and partook of the fruit and indulged her husband, and at that moment they gave up life and introduced death because of disobedience. The natural balance of everything created was affected, and now separation from God was in effect. As you sit at your heavenly Father feet today, thank Him for showing you the power to choose is available and ask Him to help you make the right choices knowing you are His child.

"God has a plan for your life. The enemy has a plan for your life. Be ready for both just be wise enough to know which one to battle and which one to embrace."

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Identity - Who Are You?

In the world, it’s easy for us to question our identities and who we are. We try to fit in and be like everyone else, but the truth is – We are not! Who you are is wrapped up in one Person only, and His name is Jesus. As...

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