Identity - Who Are You?

Identity - Who Are You?

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The Enemy Of Your Soul

Now that you have taken the time to grasp you are so much more than what you do or what you possess, let us look at the one after our identity. When we look at the creation of man, we recognize that first God made man in His image giving man a part of His own life and God called the man a living soul. God identified the man as having His image and likeness then He told man what his duties were – (Genesis 1:28 MSG). So we can reason that God identified man as like Him and then set him on his duties. Adam and Eve were not identified by their job description. They were identified as having God's image and likeness. We should understand our identity is in God because the enemy of our souls understands our identity better than we know.

Before man was created, it is believed by many scholars that Lucifer was an archangel of God and he was described as being beautiful and in charge of worship in heaven. He held a major position in heaven putting him near God. But the Bible tells us pride was in him, and he wanted the place of God which led to his removal. Both from his high position and beauty to the dark realm. So when God created man in His image and likeness, it angered Satan, and his primary focus became to destroy the sons of God. He is relentless in making sure as sons of God we never understand who we are, and the power provided to us through the covenant blood of Jesus Christ. In perfection, Satan found a way in to entice and enslave Adam and Eve with his lies. He is described as a thief, a murderer and a destroyer (John 10:10 NIV). He is also called our enemy, a fake lion (1 Peter 5:8 NIV). He is called a hater of truth (John 8:44 NIV).

With such strong titles, he is not kidding about hating us or going easy on us. He is very subtle and cunning. He does not make himself known as evil but presents himself through thoughts that are weaved with lies and some truth. He loves to make us reason, doubt and question God's character and word. As long as he is speaking, he is lying because he is the father of lies. (John 8:44 NIV). He will stop at nothing to make sure you never come into your identity in Christ, but I am thankful that God will open your eyes to see yourself with value and worth in Christ Jesus.

As you sit at your Heavenly Father's feet today, ponder the magnitude of your identity and ask Abba to help you recognize the enemy of your soul so you can stand firm whenever he lurks to pull you away from who you are.

"The enemy of our soul thrives on keeping us in darkness and unable to live in the fullness God created us to be." – Dr. Michelle Bengtson.

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Identity - Who Are You?

In the world, it’s easy for us to question our identities and who we are. We try to fit in and be like everyone else, but the truth is – We are not! Who you are is wrapped up in one Person only, and His name is Jesus. As...

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