NIV Once-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional

Devoted — ​Wholeheartedly

• What are some things that people are devoted to?
• What gets in the way of devotion to God?

Devotion is the word we use to describe participating in a short Bible study and discussion, like the one we’re having now. But the word devotion also refers to the attitude that drives us to seek God.

To be devoted means to be dedicated. And in this verse, David is telling his son Solomon to wholeheartedly dedicate himself to God. King David knew that people can’t halfheartedly serve God.

When we do serve God with wholehearted devotion, God will reward us. When we make him the focus of our lives, he will bless us. That’s his promise. The more devoted we become, the more he blesses us.

To devote our life to God means that we live completely for him. It means that we live our life to please and honor him. We seek him, worship him and love him — ​with our whole heart.

Dear God, you are the only one who deserves our wholehearted devotion. Help us clear the obstacles in our lives that keep us from being wholeheartedly devoted to you. Amen.