NIV Once-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional

Keeping an Open Mind

• Describe a time when you changed your mind about something. What made you change your mind?
• When something is new to you, how do you decide whether it’s right or true?

In order to acquire knowledge, we must be open to new ideas. If people weren’t open to new ideas, consider the following repercussions:

All movies would still be in black and white.
We would still be writing letters instead of texting.
Computers would still be the size of refrigerators.

Thankfully, many who have gone before us have been open to new ideas. In Proverbs 18, King Solomon tells us that being open to new ideas is also important in our spiritual lives.

This can be a challenge sometimes. It’s easier for us to stay in our comfort zones, to hang out with people who act, think and believe like we do. New ideas can be disruptive and uncomfortable. They challenge us to look at the world, other people and ourselves in ways we may not want to. But new ideas also stretch us and help us grow. That’s why wise believers are open to new ideas. If you want to be wise, surround yourself with God-honoring people who challenge you. Push yourself to read different kinds of books than you would normally choose. Ask God to open your eyes to new ways of thinking that give you more insight into his truth.

Dear God, thank you for creating us with the ability to learn new things. Protect us as we explore new ideas and help us recognize your truth when we find it. Amen.