Millennial Kingdom Entrepreneur


Believe, Ask, Forgive

It is important for entrepreneurs to believe, ask, and forgive. Jesus gave us the formula for advancing to new levels in business (and life). Believe before you ask, ask the Owner as if you already have, and forgive those who have wronged you - perhaps competitors with false ads about the company, employees that may have stolen from the company, or maybe the landlord for increasing rent at the storefront. When I adopted this order of operation into my daily life, it took some adjusting. It’s not that I didn’t believe, but my humanity, “always prepared for all possible scenarios,” but I drastically sought a change and had to adjust my perspective.

I encourage you to adopt this, believe without wavering, ask as if it’s in your hand (kind of like my wife, who will ask for some food from my plate with her fork already in my plate), and forgive those who’ve wronged you (try praying for them to be blessed too).