Millennial Kingdom Entrepreneur


Unlocking Your Anointing

Each one of us has a unique gift from God the Father who allows humanity to have dominion of the Earth. This unique gift is that one thing we do so well that people will pay us for it, or perhaps it's the idea you’ve been resting on that you know would work, but you haven’t had the courage or “time” to pursue.

I love the story of Elisha and the widow. The widow went to Elisha with a sense of entitlement: “your servant, my husband is dead, and you know your servant feared the Lord.” Elisha asked, “what do you have at home?” The widow responded, “oil.” In the text, “oil” can be translated into “anointing.” In which Elisha responded, “work your anointing.” 

An anointing is designed to open doors for you and can be sold perhaps. This is why Judas got so frustrated when Mary used the oil to anoint Jesus’ feet. Judas saw money. Mary saw offering. She used her anointing for service to God and man. Use your unique gift (anointing) and give back to the world; eventually the rewards will be plentiful.