Millennial Kingdom Entrepreneur


Fundamentals of Marketing

Do you know your target audience? Have you studied their behavior patterns, and are you familiar with their purchasing power? Are you visible on the social media platforms your audience frequents most (days and hours)? Also, do you know how your audience interacts with your website to receive your message?

Marketing matters. You have to know who you want purchasing your product, who is currently a customer, and how to attract and retain both. Then you develop a marketing narrative, or content, that will be weaved in your engagement efforts, at every point of contact to your target audience. Jesus's marketing message can be found in Matthew 4:17 and emphasized throughout his ministry. 

Marketing is about discovering your audience and developing the narrative that connects with your audience. Effective campaigning has multiple touch points directed to your audience, which will allow your business to share the narrative it has perfected through research.  Remember to research your audience, have a narrative, implement, develop touchpoints, and stay connected to your audience.