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Millennial Kingdom EntrepreneurSample

Millennial Kingdom Entrepreneur

DAY 3 OF 14

The Ability to Create Wealth

Interestingly enough, entrepreneurship is about an idea respected, cultivated, and given back to God (as an offering of service). Belief and worship motivate God to give you ideas (which produce opportunities that create wealth) and unmerited favor. God is [still] in the blessing business. It is good for entrepreneurs to recognize that you are no longer in the ‘Manna from Heaven’ season. Instead, you are in the “Once you eat the good of the land, Manna will stop flowing” season, which means there is a requirement of action (work) on our part.

There are several ways to “work,” but the foundation is belief and worship. Belief and worship develops a clear line of communication between child and Father, producing ideas and unmerited favor.

About this Plan

Millennial Kingdom Entrepreneur

This devotional was written to encourage and equip entrepreneurs in the body of Christ with comprehensive tools necessary to ...


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