Flawless: Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes

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A Child of the King – A Devotion for the Family

Countless voices in our world promise to alleviate the struggle of self-worth—believe harder in yourself, repair your psyche, conjure up a love for yourself and all will be made right. These prophets of our day may have good ideas, but their voices can’t replace the voice of hope that John is referring to in this passage. This voice isn’t an idea or a philosophy. It’s a person!

God promises that beginning a relationship with Jesus results in becoming a child of God!

The rewards of being a child of God are immeasurable. As God’s child, we are made alive in Christ, conformed to His image, a part of His family, promised a home in heaven, given the right to approach God in prayer, and much more! When we are part of God’s family, we are loved, forgiven, and secure. We are adopted, justified, redeemed, and victorious!

That is the true meaning in life. What a joy to be children of God!