Flawless: Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes

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Teaching Our Kids the Love of Christ – A Devotion for Parents

The Scripture today is Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian church, but it also makes a great prayer for our children! Paul’s prayer is just as impactful today as it was 2,000 years ago. His intent is clear: He wants his readers to be strengthened by God so they can understand God’s intimate love for them. In the same way, Paul wants you to grasp how wide and long and high and deep that love is. Isn’t that what we want for our kids?

As parents, one of our goals is to prepare our children for the world in such a way that they are rooted in the love God has for them. Let’s join together and pray Paul’s prayer for our children today.

So many kids struggle with knowing their worth. Their worth in Christ is immeasurable, so let’s help them understand their value.

Have you noticed that love creates action? Love isn’t stagnate. When we understand God’s love for us, it impacts our view of ourselves and how we treat others. We are not called to be spectators of this love, but instead, we are called to put it into action. When we teach our children about God’s love, they will want to spread that love to others as well.