Flawless: Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes

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A Wonderfully-Made Creation – A Devotion for the Family

You are a wonderfully-made creation, designed by your Creator God!

Did you know that the human body is the most unique and complex organism in the world? Every intricate cell in your body speaks volumes about the mind of your Creator. He personally wove you together—skillfully creating your traits, abilities, personality, and gifts.

He did more than design and form your body though. The end of today’s passage says that all the days of your life were written in God’s book before you were born. This confirms God’s prior knowledge and plan for you—His perfect plan.

These things were done for you by God Himself! Your intrinsic worth is not something you conjure up inside yourself. You didn’t earn it or deserve it. You are a recipient of these gifts—your worth is given to you by God Himself.

We often base our worth on what others say or what others think. The only real authority regarding our worth is Jesus Christ. How did He respond to us? He died for me and for you—evidence that we’re of immense value.

What a delight to know that we are individually designed by our wonderful Creator God!

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