What's Next: Student Edition

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God Revealed

Sometimes it can be hard to see God, but when you pay attention and look for Him you will see that He reveals himself in many different ways.

One way God reveals himself is throughout creation as is mentioned in Romans 1:20. Look at how awesome the world is—the majestic mountains, vast oceans. There is beauty all around us. This is God’s mark— His fingerprint.

Another way God reveals himself is though our conscience. Romans 2:15 mentions that we all have a natural internal knowing of what’s right and wrong – that voice in our minds or hearts that we choose to listen to or not. That is God’s leading in our lives.

God also reveals himself through sending His son Jesus to us. Jesus says in John 14:9 that who ever has seen Him (Jesus) has seen the Father. Jesus is the image of the invisible God and we can know God through Him.

God’s Word is another powerful way we can know God. The Bible reveals who God is and how He interacts throughout Humanity. Through scripture we see God’s character and His grand story unfold throughout time.

So how is God revealing Himself to you right now? This week pay attention to all the evidence of God and how He reveals Himself all around you in and through your life.