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Identity of God

God is the Creator of all things, the--heavens, the earth, and everything on the earth. Everything was created by Him and for Him. But what's so awesome about it is that God creates infinitely and intimately.

 God made everything in the universe, but He also knows every single hair on your head. God knows you better than you know yourself because He knit you together. And even though He created all things and all people, He still loves them equally but uniquely.  

 God is love. He knows you and loves you deeply, and He wants to have a relationship with you. That’s like Mark Zuckerburg, the creator of Facebook, being best friends with and knowing everything about everyone who has a Facebook account. OK...so, it doesn’t even compare. But you get the point. God created everything but wants to know you intimately. So, start to build your relationship with God. Get to know Him by reading the Bible and spending time in prayer.