Plumb - The Overflow Devo

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There is nothing like rest. The true and genuine peace of letting go of worries, cares, and distractions and resting.

Where do we find true rest? From the King, from the Prince of Peace Himself (Isaiah 9:6). He is the one who built the earth. When we keep that in mind, when we keep that perspective as the source of our wisdom, then we find our feet on a secure path and we find a sweetness of rest and sleep.

This has been true for me, not just in the dark times but in times of goodness and light as well. This life makes us busy, and it will take as much of our time and focus as we allow it.

Are you tired today? Consider resting in who God is, His goodness, and His love for you. Orient your mind to his place, not just in the universe but also in your life. And in Him, your sleep will be sweet.


I trip and stumble through this world
All my days are just a blur
My feet wander through the fields
But as always
You reveal

When I lie down
I will not be afraid
When I lie down
My soul will breathe again
I will not fear sudden disaster
When I lie down my
Sleep will be sweet

Inside your wisdom and your grace
I long to rest and find my place
Your love a refuge for my heart
Your peace is strength to face the dark

You hold tightly to my ankle
Never let me fall
You provide
And open eyes
And save me from myself

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