Improving Sexual Intimacy

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Improving Sexual Intimacy: Wives

Devotional Content:

Ladies, now it’s your turn. What are specific things you can do to improve your sexual intimacy in marriage?

First, understand your husband’s sexual needs. You husband is wired differently than you. He thinks about sex more than you do. He thinks about you sexually—a lot. Remember that sex arms him in your marriage. Talk with him about what you like and do not like in the sexual relationship, and be patient with him. Look at is this way: What if he were not attracted to you? Would you prefer that?

Second, find out what he really enjoys. It’s perfectly okay to ask him this question. You can always decline if it is something you are not comfortable with. Do not forget that our bodies were made for us to enjoy. Do not be afraid to try new things and to find a common ground that meets both of your needs.

Finally, make yourself “sexy.” That is easy. For most husbands, all a wife needs to do is keep breathing. But it might be helpful to find out what he likes as far as the clothes you wear and the perfume you use. It probably just boils down to doing what you did before marriage. If it worked then, it will most likely work now.

Bottom line: Make an effort. Let your husband know you care about sexual intimacy in marriage too.

Today’s Challenge:

Sit down with your husband this week and ask him about his sexual needs and desires.

Going Deeper:

1. Wives, how can you show your husband that you care about his sexual desires?

2. Wives, what can you do this week to find out what your husband thinks is attractive?

3. Wives, what do you need to do to show your husband you desire to look sexy for him?

4. Wives, how can you let your husband know you care about your sexual intimacy in marriage?