Improving Sexual Intimacy

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Improving Sexual Intimacy: Husbands

Devotional Content:

Husbands, what can you do to improve sexual intimacy in your marriage? Here are some practical steps that will make a difference.

First, be romantic. That comes easier for some of us than others. My dad was a romantic, so I had a good model. I knew it was important. I just had to figure out what Nancy thought was romantic. I really think the first step is talking to your wife about this. Ask her what she likes. Ask her what she thinks is romantic. Her definition and yours may differ, but you need to do things that she likes. So be a student of your wife. Remember the things she likes. Remember what works and what does not work. You can do this. You can be romantic.

Second, take time with foreplay. We live in this instant-gratification society, and that can often spill over to the sexual relationship. Foreplay is what gives us time to prepare for the act of intercourse. It piques our senses, and it takes time. Over the course of your marriage, sex will happen in a number of different ways, at different times, and slowly and quickly. Take the time to enjoy each other with foreplay.

Finally, make yourself “sexy.” The best idea here is to get input from your wife, but there are some basics: bathe, brush your teeth, shave, exercise, and wear cologne (let her pick it out). Our wives like us to look nice and smell good. It will make a difference in her attraction to you.

Bottom line: Make an effort. It will be worth it, and it will show your wife you really care about her.

Today’s Challenge:

Husbands, how can you be a great student of your wife this week?

Going Deeper:

1. Dr. Kim says that one step husbands can take towards better intimacy with their wives is to be romantic. Husbands, when was the last time you did something romantic for your wife?

2. Foreplay is another important step towards improving your sexual intimacy. Make a commitment to spend more time being intentional about foreplay.

3. Dr. Kim shares that another great step towards improving your sexual intimacy is making yourself sexy for your wife. Husbands, think of 3 things you can do to be intentional about your appearance for your wife.

4. How much time and energy are you willing to spend on improving your sexual intimacy with your spouse?

5. Make a point to sit down with your spouse this week and talk about what they think is romantic.


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