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Endless Grace by Ryan Whitaker Smith and Dan WiltSample

Endless Grace by Ryan Whitaker Smith and Dan Wilt

DAY 1 OF 5

Psalm 76

Your New World

Father God,

in Your mercy

You have chosen

a People,

a Family,

a Church—

that we might bear Your name

as citizens of heaven,

children of New Creation.

You have made Your home with us,

ushering us into the household of God—

to a kingdom unmoved and unshaken,

to a feast unending.

You have triumphed over the grave,

lifting us from deep darkness

to walk in Your everlasting light.

All instruments of death—

all that draws blood,

robs life,

steals innocence—

will be disarmed,


beat into shovels

and hoes

to till the soil of Your New World.

Your peace is stronger than violence;

Your mercy fiercer than judgment.

All who stand against You—

godless forces,

seething and swarming on the horizon—

will buckle at the knees,

falling prostrate

before the Judge of all the earth.

Strength will seep from them.

Paralyzing fear will grip them.

Breath will escape from them.

They will see,

with startling clarity,

He whom they have opposed—

and their hearts will wither.


as all lands and seas,

fish and fowl,

and all manner of God-breathed things

hold their breath,

as the King rises in power,

a sword of justice in His fist—

to put an end to evil,

banish suffering,

make a new beginning

for the children of His covenant.

In that day,

will Your enemies not bow?

Will those who have cursed You

not confess Your lordship?

As for me,

I will remain steadfast:

Daily kneeling.

Daily confessing.

Daily proclaiming—

for there is none like You

in heaven or on earth:

a God so awesome in power,

so approachable in intimacy,

so lavish in love.


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