The Game Changers Way

The Game Changers Way

DAY 5 OF 5

Faithful & Fruitful

There is a story in scripture about a man going away on a trip, and he empowered three of his servants with his money to use while he was away. He gave each of them different amounts based on their abilities. To one, he gave ten; to another, he gave five; and to the last, he gave one. When he returned, he asked the men to give an account of what they had done with his money. The first told him how he invested the money and doubled what he had been given. The man said, "well done, good and faithful servant, you have used well what I have given you. I will give you more." The second servant returned with similar results; he doubled what he had been given and received the same feedback. "Well done, good and faithful servant." The third servant had a different experience. He explained that he hid the money because he was afraid and didn't use it. The man was furious with his servant; he took the money from the man and told his men to take the man away. He said, "You wicked man."

Jesus told this story to explain his desire for his people. We are given different gifts, passions, strengths, relationships, experiences, and influences. We are each called to use the influence he has given us to impact the world around us. We are called to leverage it and do everything we can to live out the purpose he created us to live out. Fear wants to keep us from God's purpose in our lives.

One day we will all stand before God and have to account for what we did with Jesus and what we did with everything that he gave us. Of course, we aren't called to do everything, but we are called to do something.

We are called to be faithful and fruitful.

Faithful to use what God has given, which results in fruit in the world around us.

If we are faithful and fruitful with what God has given us, we will hear those words from God…



How well are you using what God has given you? How does God want you to be faithful and fruitful with what he's given you?


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