The Game Changers Way

The Game Changers Way

DAY 4 OF 5

The Process of Purpose

Purpose isn't about becoming new and dreaming something new for your life. Purpose is the process of uncovering who God has already called and created you to be. Purpose is about discovering God's original intent for your life. You were made by a God who has purpose and intent for every creation. God gives us purpose, but it's our job to participate and engage in his purpose for our lives. When we say yes and put our faith in Jesus, we begin the process of finding our purpose. First, we begin a relationship with our creator. Afterward, we start getting more of God's heart to understand his plan for our lives.

Purpose is different than a position. Some people think purpose is a destination or a position to obtain. " If only I could " … " Once I get" … Things and positions will never fill the void of living out your purpose in life.

Rick Warren says the two most important days in your life are when you are born and when you understand why you are born.

Until we are dead, God won't be done revealing more of himself to us. Our purpose is a process. It's ongoing. As you engage in this process, understand you can live on purpose today. You don't have to wait for some miraculous sign from God. As you get clarity on why God created you, you'll feel God's Joy and peace as you walk in purpose.


As God shows you more of your purpose today, ask a friend, "How would you describe God's purpose for my life?"

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The Game Changers Way

You were created on purpose for a purpose! In this 5-Day plan, you will discover what it means to find your purpose and how God has hard-wired you to live on purpose to impact the world around you. Join us as we discover...

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