The Sauce: Seek First

The Sauce: Seek First

DAY 11 OF 21

Spiritual Discernment

Through intentional prayer and fasting, we seek first God’s Kingdom by asking for an increase in our spiritual discernment. We all have desires, dreams, and wishes. God divinely inspires some, and some are our own will. How do we decipher what our will versus God’s will is? We discern by leaning into the Holy Spirit and asking the Lord for more spiritual discernment. We ask the Holy Spirit to help identify our will and be honest with ourselves (and God) when we struggle to release an outcome to Him. We are created to live life in community. We sharpen our discernment within the council of community. We can build our discernment by considering whether a decision or situation brings us closer to God. Is the outcome creating character in you that is a reflection of Christ or producing Fruit of the Spirit? As you open your heart to the will of God and spend time quieting yourself in His presence, He will meet you amid any decision you face. God teaches us to seek, understand, and rely on the Spirit of God. We must meditate on scripture and intentionally get familiar with His voice. Today, as we acknowledge God as the ultimate source of wisdom, truth, and light, we pray that our spiritual discernment increases.

Application/ Reflection:

  • Where do you need an increase of spiritual discernment in your life?
  • What decisions or plans are you finding hard to release to the will of God?
  • What Fruits of the Spirit are growing in your discernment and decision-making process?


Lord, you are the source of all wisdom and truth. I thank you for your Word, which I can stand on as I face the situations surrounding me. I thank you that in this time of prayer and fasting, I seek you first to lean not on my own understanding but on your ways and your will. I ask that you sharpen my discernment and mature me in my faith and understanding of the Holy Spirit. I pray that as I rely on you, you transform my heart, thoughts, and the lives of those around me for your glory. In Jesus’ name, amen!

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The Sauce: Seek First

Over the next 21 days, we will seek God first. By dedicating the beginning of our year to a time of prayer and fasting, we will seek God’s will for our lives. In the next 21 days, prayer will become your sauce, and you w...

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