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Purpose in PainSample

Purpose in Pain

DAY 1 OF 4

Welcome to day 1 of purpose in pain. No matter what you are currently going through or what you will go through, understand that there is always a purpose in pain. We can’t control everything that happens in our lives. There’s going to be a point in your life where you're going to go through a trial that will not only test you but will help shape you into who God has called you to be. The pain is only temporary but the purpose is permanent.

Deuteronomy 31:6 is going to be our starting point for this plan. The first thing God tells us is to be strong and courageous. We need to have the two because when going through pain and finding purpose, it’s going to require us to have the strength to push through the hardships and challenges that come over our life. It’s going to take courage for us to get past them as well because the enemy will do anything in his power for us to never reach the purpose God has placed over our lives.

Strength and courage come from God. So we must seek him with all of our hearts so that we can find him and see the steps he has placed in our lives. God's plans will never fail us. Trust in him wholeheartedly. He is with us every day of our lives. There is no reason to be afraid when God is leading the way.


How does being strong and courageous apply to your life?

What have been some hardships you have experienced that are setting you up for the purpose God has placed over your life?


Lord, thank you for giving me purpose. Despite the pain that I go through your unfailing love is and will always be enough. No matter how hard times may become I know that I have a purpose in life because your promises never fail.

Your faithfulness, your kindness, your grace, your mercy, and your love reminds me that I’m enough. Help me to do good works Lord. I put my trust in you knowing that you are with me in every step of my life. Even when times are uncertain, I will continuously put my trust in you. Amen.

Day 2

About this Plan

Purpose in Pain

Throughout the journey of life, we will experience many hardships and trials. I've experienced addiction, depression, molestation, and loss. Despite the pain that was brought by each one, I was able to find purpose throu...


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