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Stand Firm: A Study in 2 ThessaloniansSample

Stand Firm: A Study in 2 Thessalonians

DAY 3 OF 3

What does it say?

Paul listed prayer requests and warned against idleness.

What does it mean?

False doctrine about Christ’s return had some Thessalonian believers so worked up that they quit working. Instead of being busy earning a living and serving the Lord, they used their idle time to gossip and meddle. The church generously supported those who could not work, but these members simply would not work. Paul’s solution was simple: anyone who refused to work shouldn’t expect to eat. He and the other missionaries had set an example of occupational integrity while maintaining faithful service to the Lord, which should not be wearisome for a follower of Christ.

How should I respond?

Most of us stay so busy that we’re in a state of being perpetually tired. The question isn’t whether or not we’re busy – it’s a question of what we’re busy doing. God has given each of us work to do in our homes, schools, churches, and communities. Are you busy serving Him in those areas or wasting time with meaningless pursuits? Staying busy with your God-given responsibilities reduces the idle time that can easily lead to sin. What has taken up your time this week? If your life is too busy to serve God according to His standards, then you are too busy! What is God prompting you to change today?

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