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Stand Firm: A Study in 2 ThessaloniansSample

Stand Firm: A Study in 2 Thessalonians

DAY 1 OF 3

What does it say?

Paul praised the Thessalonians for their faith in Christ and their love for others. The persecution they were enduring would strengthen their faith.

What does it mean?

The believers in Thessalonica endured intense persecution because they had taken a firm stand for Christ. They were not secret disciples who valued men’s praise more than God’s. As they increasingly trusted God and His promises, their faith, and love for God and others increased. They looked forward to the revealing of Christ in all His glory. However, those who persist in their refusal to believe and receive Christ will face an eternity “shut out from the presence of the Lord.”

How should I respond?

In many countries today, Christians still face intense persecution for their faith, costing some their lives. Even subtle persecutions, such as being ostracized or being the target of sarcastic remarks and condescending attitudes, can cause emotional suffering and discouragement. Have you taken a public stand as a Christian in your family, work, and community? How will you respond to the pressures you face this week due to living for Jesus? Whether your trials are severe or subtle, God is at work and will provide the strength you need to endure. Relying on God’s strength instead of your efforts enables you to achieve God’s purpose in and through your life.

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Stand Firm: A Study in 2 Thessalonians

Written shortly after 1 Thessalonians, Paul’s second letter continues to encourage the Thessalonian church by admonishing them to stand firm on the truth (2 Thessalonians 2:15). As Paul instructs the church about the com...


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