From This Day Forward

Marriage is not easy. Do you remember your vow of loving each other for better or for worse? You are guaranteed to face tough times together as a couple, but you cannot give up when times get tough. It's not an option. This week you will read from God's Word about the importance of not giving up in your marriage and discuss ways you can do this in your marriage.

It seems many married couples have lost their will to fight. We see evidence of this in the growing divorce rate. God's Word tells us divorce should never be an option. When times get tough in your marriage, the word 'divorce' should never enter into your vocabulary. Your marriage is worth fighting for. Never give up!

Talk: Discuss with your spouse how you've seen divorce impact your family and the families of those you know.

Pray: Ask God to help remove the word divorce from your vocabulary and give you both the will and determination to never give up when times get tough.

Do: Look up your wedding vows or find some vows online that you both like and recite them to each other. Take time to write new vows that will help shape the vision for the future of your marriage.